The Team by HAIRDOME Pickering

Pickering Hair Stylists

  • Barber Pickering

    Disa des Vignes- Stylist

    Our Lead Stylist is a second generation 'Master Of Hair'. With 20 years experience in the business, Disa is equipped with the skills and knowledge to take you through every step of your hair journey. Every appointment with her is an uplifting experience.

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  • Hairdresser

    Suzanne Grey- Stylist

    Suzanne has explored many roles in the hairdressing industry. Her focus is steady on educating her clients and maintaining the integrity of your hair. Appointments with Suzanne are informative and fun. While accumulating a wealth of knowledge across all hair types, Suzanne has identified her true passion- curly hair transformations.


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  • Barbershop Pickering

    Kyelah des Vignes- Beauty Specialist 

    Make-up is Kyelah's true passion. Often incorporating her knowledge of skin and skin care products, she uses her 5+ years of experience to skillfully enhance your natural beauty. Kyelah is consistently upgrading her knowledge/ training, which includes certification from the Beauty College of Canada and practical training with Juan Tamez. Kyelah has also introduced Eyebrow services to the Hairdome and is now a Certified Eyebrow Expert. 

  • Sharon- Stylist

    With experience in hairdressing across Canada, Sharon is a warm and fun stylist who finds true inspiration in the colours and hues of hair. Sharon also brings braiding and protective styles to our Hairdome Team.

  • Barbershop Pickering

    Nigel Francis- Barber

    Master Barber! Nigel has many years of experience as a barber. He is known for his precision and attention to detail.


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  • Barbershop Pickering

    O'neil Campbell- Barber

    Master Barber! O'neil has many years of experience as a barber. He is known for his precision and attention to detail.

  • Noelle Russell

    Noelle Russell- Stylist

    Noelle is a wildly talented hairstylist. She is known for taking the time to listen to what her clients needs are and creating a clear path to healthy beautiful hair. Noelle enjoys working with all hair types and finds joy in styling curly hair to voluminous perfection.  


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